Carpet Trends Mount Vernon, WA

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If you are thinking about new carpeting, there are some major factors to consider. Carpet is so well made today, it will last for years and maybe even decades. That means you will likely want to invest in a color that you can be comfortable with for a long period of time. Here are some carpet trends that seem to be timeless.

Choose a Neutral Color
Homeowners and potential home buyers love neutral colors in carpeting mainly because they provide a lot of versatility when decorating other parts of a room. A tan, beige, gray or other softer colors allow you the opportunity to use more dramatic colors and designs in your furniture's upholstery or wall paint colors. It is, after all, much less expensive to change a wall paint color than it is to replace your carpet flooring.

There are other benefits to choosing a neutral color in carpeting. Neutral colors do a good job of hiding dirt. They also go well with all types of wood that may be used in your furniture or wall hangings. Neutral colors also make room-to-room transitions in flooring a bit smoother.

Select Classic Patterns
Your neutral colored carpeting can still be visually interesting, especially when you choose a pattern. Classic patterns are timeless and add a little something extra to a room. Patterns can guide the eye. There is also another benefit to patterns. Patterns can help disguise dirt and pet stains. This makes patterned carpeting a good choice for those with young children and pets.

The Value of Closed-Loop Carpeting 
Closed-loop carpeting has been, and will continue to be a popular trend in carpeting for several reasons. Closed-loop carpeting tends to be durable, adding value to your flooring investment. This type of carpeting makes them more resistant to dirt and stains. As an added bonus, when closed-loop carpeting does get stained or dirty, it tends to be easier to clean. For busy, active families its good to know that closed-loop carpet flooring also hides dirt and small stains well.

Spice it Up with Area Rugs
Keep in mind, you can always add interest to a room with area rugs. Trendy area rugs can be replaced more inexpensively and easier than wall to wall carpeting. This allows you a simple option to keep your home up-to-date.

Carpeting is about attractiveness, comfort, and lifestyle. What is appropriate for one family may be out of place for another. When you need help in selecting carpeting or flooring of any kind, we encourage you to contact us at Carpet One. We'll help you select carpeting that will provide years and years of beauty and value.