Combating Allergies: Is Carpet or Hardwood Flooring the Better Choice for You?

best floors to prevent allergiesSelecting the type of flooring to install in your home is an important decision. This can especially be the case if you suffer from debilitating seasonal allergies. Because you can be affected by pesky allergens from both outdoors and indoors, choosing the right type of flooring is essential. If combating allergies is a part of your life, you might wonder whether carpet or hardwood flooring is the smarter choice for you.

Carpet vs. Hardwood

When allergens enter your carpet, they often become deeply embedded in it. Regular vacuuming likely won’t remove these potentially harmful substances. For example, your carpet might be a haven for:

• Pollen

• Pet dander

• Dust mites

• Mold

Shopping for Hardwood

While you might agree hardwood flooring is a smarter choice for allergy sufferers than carpet, you may not know how to expertly shop for it. When shopping for hardwood floors, consider factors such as: 

• Your personal style

• Your budget

• The types of rooms you need flooring for

Before enjoying walking on your new beautiful hardwood flooring, ensure it is treated for potential stains and spills. If liquids are accidentally spilled on your floors, the moisture might encourage mold growth.
Other Viable Options
Besides hardwood, other allergen-friendly flooring options exist. A few viable alternatives include:

• Laminate

• Bamboo

• Cork

If your budget is a top priority, laminate might be the best choice for you; although, laminate floors are chemically treated. When shopping for laminate, search for options that have had little interaction with chemicals. Bamboo floors are resistant to both mildew and mold. This increasingly popular flooring type also protects you from dust mites. These bothersome insects can’t find a place to hide and rest in bamboo floors. Also keep in mind that the characteristics of cork floors are similar to those of bamboo. Installing beautiful new flooring can instantly transform any space. If you’re shopping for a versatile allergen friendly option for your abode, hardwood is a wonderful choice. However, laminate, bamboo, and cork also look just as amazing and can protect you from bothersome allergens.