Best Carpet Cleaner Mount Vernon, WA

Carpet has long been the number one choice of homeowners for residential flooring, and it’s not hard to understand why. Nothing else matches the versatility of use and the variety of colors, textures, and patterns that are possible with carpet. It’s soft and comfortable to walk or lounge on, and technological advances in fibers, weaves, and backing have made this truer than ever before. And these same advances mean that new carpeting is durable and long-lasting, more resistant to the inevitable accidental spills and stains.

However, as durable and stain-resistant as modern carpeting is, and even with the multitude of aftermarket protection products available, carpeting will still get dirty and require cleaning from time to time. Regular cleaning is the best way to keep your carpet looking its best and to ensure it has a long life. Occasionally, a professionally-done steam cleaning should be performed to remove dirt deep within the fibers, but you can easily do routine cleaning yourself, and deal with unexpected emergencies, with just a few simple household products, and even a few old home remedies.

Consider that there are two types of things that can soil a carpet, wet things such as soda, food, paint, and pet urine, and dry things like dust, dirt, dander, and other common allergens that get down in the fibers.

Wet substances that are spilled on a carpet require immediate attention, as the longer they’re on the carpet the more likely they are to leave a permanent stain, even on carpets that have been treated with a protective coating or sealant. Different wet substances require different approaches to cleaning them up, but fast action is the best carpet cleaner in this situation.

Dry substances are easier to deal with. Installing carpet with special hypoallergenic backing and dirt-resistant treatments helps a lot, but the best way to keep the dirt away is with a regular vacuuming regimen. Dirt and grit that gets down to the base of the fibers causes wear and tear when walked on, especially in high traffic areas. A quality vacuum, preferably one with a powered brush, is the best carpet cleaner for dirt, and used on a regular schedule can remove up to 80% of the soil that finds its way into your carpet.