Bathroom and Kitchen Countertops Mount Vernon, WA


Whether they are in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or any other room, countertops see a lot of action. So, from how the countertops perform to how they look, picking the right material is pretty crucial. At Mount Vernon Carpet One in Mount Vernon, WA, we stock and sell countertops made from a variety of materials, so let us tell you about some of them! We’ve broken down some of the most popular materials used in countertops in hopes that it’ll help you narrow down your options.

Quartz- low-maintenance, stain-resistant, acid-resistant, heat-resistant (you can put pans directly on!), non-porous and does not need additional sealing

Granite- beautiful, hard, durable, heat-resistant, easily damaged by oil or acid, naturally varied look
  Butcher block-ideal for food prep, acts as a cutting board, heat resistant, budget friendly

Laminate- versatile looks available, budget friendly, not resistant to heat

Recycled countertops- made from anything from glass to concrete, plastic, composite, or paper, mixed looks, eco-friendly

We carry some great countertop brands and are here to help take you through the options! We are also here to help answer any questions you might have about the best countertops for your needs. Come in or call to learn more today!