Kitchen Flooring Mount Vernon, WA

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There are many options to choose from when you are getting ready to put down new flooring for your kitchen. While hardwood certainly is a beautiful option, it can be very expensive, hard to care for and not necessarily the kid-friendliest. Hardwood can also become damaged easily in the kitchen from constant spills and foot traffic.  

If you're looking for economical, beautiful flooring choices that will work for your family, kitchen tile is worth looking into. Tile is  easy to install, clean and maintain, often is the most economically sound option and comes  in a variety of patterns, colors and styles to suit your budget and your interior design needs.There are three popular types of tile flooring options available on the market.  All three are great for kitchen use.  

Plank vinyl is made to look like natural hardwood floors.  For those that love the look of hardwood,  but don't want to pay the high cost per sq/yd  for hardwood,  or deal with the high maintenance of hardwood flooring,  plank vinyl is an excellent choice.  Plank vinyl is also very easy to clean,  so ideal for families as it can withstand the wear, tear and constant spills. Installation is also quite simple. 

Vinyl tile flooring comes available in pre-cut squares of 12" or 18". The tiles are laid out in even squares and can be either self-adhesive, or for a higher quality tile, will require liquid adhesive. For those that are looking for DIY options, self-adhesive tiles are easy and quick to install with very little mess. There are a variety of colors, patterns and styles available to suit your personal design preferences. Some of these include faux stone or brick patterns, which are popular kitchen picks. 

Lastly, there's sheet vinyl. This type of kitchen flooring comes in prepared rolls. Adhesive is used to apply the flooring, which is cut to measure. Because of its natural high resistance to moisture, this type of flooring is often used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms.

No matter what kind of tile you pick for your kitchen,  you can be confident knowing that your tile will be easy to clean and maintain so that your floors can look their best at all times. This is especially the case if you choose tile with a high-resistance urethane coating. The coating will help to repel scuffs, dirt, residue and scratches, which makes cleaning a breeze.