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Pet Friendly Flooring in Mount Vernon, WA

We all love our pets. Our furry friends bring us much comfort and joy. Yet, it is with much dismay that we must admit that the same beloved creatures also make life difficult.

They spill things, tear up furniture and bother the neighbors. Moreover, their fur seems to get everywhere. Worst of all, pets destroy our floors. Yes, life with a pet can be frustrating at times.

To help pet owners deal with the situation better, following are some flooring options that will make your home pet friendly.

1. Vinyl Tile

This option can prove quite economical because you can replace each tile individually. This means that when one tile gets cracked, perhaps from the constant running about of your pet, you merely have to pay for that which has been damaged.

Perhaps even better, vinyl tile is water resistant. Pet urine just sits there without being soaked into the surface. All you have to do is mop up and sanitize the area.

2. Bamboo Flooring

Cat owners, in particular, should consider using bamboo flooring. This attractive choice resembles luxurious hardwood flooring. However, bamboo is much more sturdier. In fact, the surface can resist most scratches, which is why those with cats find bamboo such a positive choice.

3. Painted Concrete

Many contemporary homes come with concrete flooring. This material is water resistant and hard to scratch. Moreover, the designs prove attractive to pets who enjoy flocking about on the bright colors.

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Armed with this information, you are prepared to pick the best flooring options for your home. Hopefully, you and your pet will live long and happily together.