carpet cleaning tips from Carpet One

How to Remove Hair from Carpet 

When you own pets, you may not even realize how much pet hair gets stuck below the surface of your carpet fibers. Even if you vacuum every day, people that live with pets should have their carpet cleaning company come in twice a year to do a thorough deep cleaning. In between the deep cleanings, there are ways that you can maximize your efforts. When cleaning carpet (s) is done on a regular basis, you will help your carpets last longer and give your home a fresh, clean smell.

Use a Sponge Mop in Heavy Traffic Areas

After you vacuum your carpets, use a wet sponge mop on areas that are likely to have more hair below the surface. High traffic areas often have pet hair built up below the top fibers of your carpet and can be brought to the surface this way. Use the mop on your carpet, rubbing the carpet with the mop in tough to clean areas. Allow the carpet to dry and then vacuum up the hair that is now on the top of your carpet.

Fabric Softener Loosens Up Hair

When you have hair stuck in the fibers of your carpet, you can loosen up the hair by spraying a mixture of one part fabric softener and three parts water onto the affected area. Spray the area and then wait for the carpet to dry. Use your vacuum on the dry carpet and you will be able to pick up the embedded hair more easily after it has been sprayed.

Baking Soda Reduces Odors and Removes Hair

Baking soda works as an excellent carpet freshener and will help remove hair at the same time. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet and wait a few minutes before you use the vacuum. You will find hair fibers in the vacuum as well as baking soda, and your room will smell fresh once again.

Other ways to remove unwanted hair in your carpets is to ensure that your vacuum is working properly. Sometimes the filter is clogged or the vacuum needs to be emptied. You can also try using static to help remove hair, and there are carpet rakes that can help you reach deep down into the fibers of your carpets to clean them.