We know warranties can be confusing!

Here are some tips on caring for your new carpet to get the most value for your investment and to make sure you never void your carpet's warranty.   

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  1. Read your warranty guide. If you didn't receive a warranty guide, let us know! We are happy to get you a copy or to send you an electronic copy, whatever you prefer. Every carpet manufacturer's warranty is a little different, we have linked the two largest brands that we carry below for your convenience. Please see above for Shaw and Mohawks Warranty Guides.

2. Keep your carpet purchase reciept safe and somewhere you will remember it. In order to use your carpet's warranty, you have to show proof of your purchase. Many manufacturers also require a 2' x 3' piece of carpet leftover from your installaton. We can always print you another invoice if you need. Also, remember that you need to save receipts for proof of professional cleaning. 

3. Remember that professional cleanings are required! After 12-18 months, it is necessary to have your carpet deep cleaned and at 24 months it is REQUIRED. This may seem like a needless expense, however if you choose to do-it-yourself with a steam cleaner - you run the risk of voiding your warranty. Most manufacturers encourage using hot water extraction, check your warranty for specifics. Don't forget to add your cleaning receipts to your file with your carpet purchase invoice!

4. Clean spills and stains RIGHT AWAY with an approved cleaner! This seems lke a no brainer but the longer a spill or stain is left on the carpet, the more difficult the removal process is. Any cleaner that is used on your carpet MUST BE approved by CRI - Carpet and Rug Institute and must be an approved remover by your carpet manufacturers warranty. Not sure if your cleaner is approved? Feel free to contact anyone at Mount Vernon Carpet One Floor & Home and we will be happy to do the research for you! Most bargain carpet stain removers are not approved. Here is a link to CRI's certified cleaning solutions http://www.carpet-rug.org/certified-cleaning-solutions.html.

5. Vacuum, Vacuum & Vacuum. Vacuuming your carpet is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to keep your carpet looking great for years to come! Use walk-off mats at entrances to help keep dirt and moisture off of your carpet. Clean the mats frequently and keep entryways free of excess dirt. How often should you vacuum? We recommend once per week for each member of your household. If you have pets you may have to vacuum more often to compensate for shedding. Remember that certain vacuums void your carpet's warranty, be sure to check both your warranty and  CRI - Carpet and Rug Institute. Here is a link to CRI's certified vacuums http://www.carpet-rug.org/certified-vacuums.html.  Carpet with thick loop-pile construction, wool and wool-blends and shag or cabled styles with long pile yarns tend to become fuzzy and damaged if you use a rotating brush. Instead use a suction only vacuum and be sure to adjust the brush so that it is lifted away from the carpet in order to prevent agitating the pile. Carpets with super soft fibers can also be sensitive to beater bars or rotating brushes, here is a link to Shaw's recommended vacuums https://shaw.app.box.com/v/vacuum-list-from-shaw.